Welcome to PrimaryBlogs.net


Who, What and How?

Who are we?

PrimaryBlogs.net a site from Primary ICT and Media. The Primary ICT and Media brand offers IT based solutions for Primary schools across the UK. Including CPD training, student workshops, technical support and product solutions. With a proven track record we have been delivering solutions across the North West for several years now.

What is it?

PrimaryBlogs.net is a one of the products on offer from Primary ICT and Media. We work with your school to put in place a multi-blog setup. We can make use of your branding, imagery and text to design the blogs around you. You can have one for the full school, one for each class. We even offer one for every child if you desire. Our solutions experts work with you to get you a bespoke solution that is right for you.


How can PrimaryBlogs.net add value to your school? Blogging is a very good and familiar way to the students to share their thoughts. This can be used to share creative writing or collaborate on pieces of work they are doing. It is great for sharing via social media such as a school Facebook or Twitter account, to share work with the wider school community.